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The Global Spread of Science Communication Online
Emerging Models, Practices and Trends

Betul Hekimoglu Balkan  

The Global Spread of Science Communication Online: Emerging Models, Practices and Trends Dr. Betul Hekimoglu Balkan, candidate for MSc in Science Communication at Dublin City University, Ireland (supervisor: Padraig Murphy) This study, part of a master's thesis in science communication at Dublin City university, explores recent global trends in methods of online science communication. We take the paper by Trench et al (2014) on the global spread of science communication as our point of departure. We analyse online platforms for science education, news sharing and research promotion hosted by international institutions and organisations with a strong focus on science communication. All platforms are analysed across two domains of communication model: (1) modes of communicating their content such as use of visuals and language, interactivity and integration of social networks, (2) how these preferred methods serve their aims and targets; and indicators for global spread: (1) type of institution, (2) local versus international training, (3) media support, (4) university courses, (5) university research. Cultural elements are also investigated to identify differences or similarities in science communication trends between distinct countries and disciplines. When completed at the time of the PCST 2016, this research aims to address how institutions and organisations are part of online ecosystems using and interacting with developing models and trends in online science/research communication. The often-accepted - and too often expected - transition of 'deficit-to-dialogue' may fit uneasily into this ecosystem. The results will also provide a picture of emerging practices and global spread of science communication online and help to understand how digital technologies affect the roles of experts and audiences worldwide.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.