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Climate champion farmers
Integrating deficit, dialogue and participative science engagement

Jenni Metcalfe  

My paper explores the Climate Champion program of farmers to look at the relationships between the farmers, scientists, and the representatives from research and development institution who participate in or support the program. I examine the discourse of these participants during an interactive workshop to determine the styles of science engagement that are taking place. I used a thematic content analysis of the data to determine the nature of engagement between the three groups compared to science communication models of deficit, dialogue and participatory engagement. For major themes emerging, I used a lexical qualitative analysis to look at how patterns of words and phrases describe the motivations, nature and type of engagement. Further, my paper examines how each group of actors (farmers, scientists, R&D funding agency representatives) perceives the other and whether there is also any reciprocity in perspectives.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.