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The haunting of knowing
A trial version in the design of an exhibition on knowledge

Verona Segantini  

This presentation aims to discuss methodological and conceptual aspects of the design process of a new exhibit for the Espaço do Conhecimento UFMG, a science museum opened in 2010. Initially defined the theme of knowledge as conceptual motto, some guiding lines for the approac were discussed. We seek to explore knowledge from some assumptions, especially as an active process and as a collective construction. They were also thought some expository guidelines: less emphasis would be given to explaination, teach, transmition of ideas, concepts and information. The expository narrative would was thought in order to enable the public experiences in paths that surprise, that make you think, implicitly or explicitly, on various dimensions or "layers" of processes and ways of knowing. From these guidelines it was decided that the exhibition does not privilege the description of "episodes" of specific scientific fields. Versaria on aspects that are part of the process of knowing, including: imagination, curiosity, attention, consciousness, perception, illusion and memory, analogies and translations, categorization, classification and measurement, language, supports and shapes records. One of the stages of the design process was the realization of the temporary exhibition "The hauting of knowing", which tested some of the modules that make up the main exhibition narrative, namely: the illusions,anomalies, and analogies. Moreover, it has develop a 40 m2 labirinth de tesidos bringint conroversial themes, socio-technical inventions. This exhibition, designed as a trial version, had the purpose to evaluate some expository solutions and, increase the participation and dialogue with the public, inserting it into the design process.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.