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Improving social media skills for scientists and institutions in Portugal

Joana Lobo Antunes  

Members of the public are increasingly using online environments and specially social media platforms to find information about science. It is vital that scientists and scientific institutions start using those platforms to disseminate and promote their research activities. In 2014 we have established a 3-day course for PhD students and researchers of Nova University of Lisbon, to take them through the communication process on the web and the importance of properly managing their online identity inside and outside social media. Using different platforms (weblogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media), students are invited to practice, and learn with the practice of others, their own communication skills. Our approach encourages the contributions based on a more empirical analysis of the effective use of social media by scientists, aiming to inspire the students to reproduce the best practices on the field. We have also written and published a guide based on the course that we have made freely available online (http://www.unl.pt/data/escola_doutoral/RedesSociaisparaCientistas.pdf), and for the first time in Portuguese. In this communication we will present the results of the feedback from the first year of the course, and discuss the importance of having materials available in the native language.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.