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Digital Research Notebooks – a tool for communicating the products and processes of research

Joao Fernandes  

(Ana Rita Claro Rodrigues will be presenting this poster at the 14th PCST Conference) Communicating the products of research is one of the major concerns of Science communication. However, the processes that lead to the results tend do be less discussed, or in ways that non-experts have difficulty to assess and participate. With the growth of collaborative projects which involve many different expertises, including very diverse research areas and participants from different publics, there seems to be an ethical and democratic need to have ways to openly communicate the process of research, for assessment and/or for participation. Communication tools based on the blogging metaphor have been tried, but they seem not to afford an in-depth access to raw data and interpretations by others with interest in the project. Doing your collaborative investigation centred on a digital research notebook might afford closer interaction between all participants, and we claim, raise the quality and the ethics of the research being done. The digital research notebook affords possibilities of integrating all aspects of research and granting different levels of access to participants according to their involvement in the project, from access to just journal entries, raw data or analysis. We have developed a Microsoft OneNote notebook template, workflow and toolbar to support the entire qualitative research project and the communication of research projects and this poster will try to show some of its main features and affordances, useful for the science communication research community.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.