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Jesus Mendoza  

NEW PUBLIC POLICY IN SCIENCE COMMUNICATION FROM MEXICO The National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) of Mexico began, since its founding, a public policy of public communication science, technology and innovation (STI) based on the identification of the agenda claims of science communicators and concretized answers in the Announcement for Project Support of Public Communication of CTI, the Call for Integration into the Index of Mexican Journals of Scientific Disclosure, the Iberoamerican Journalism Seminar CTI, the Planetariums Festival and the Congress on Public Communication CTI. The Call for Support for Communication Projects intended to develop a conceptual framework of public communication of science from the definition of modalities, communicative discourses and methodologies: interactive scientific museology, recreational science workshops, science journalism, digital immersion, science and social citizen appropriation. Applications are captured, evaluated and formalized online. Through four announcements we have 80 communications projects in development. The Call for Integration into the Index of Mexican Journals and General Evaluation Criteria were established based on proposals made by various publishers for several years and it also works through a system of peer review. The Index is comprised of 19 journals published in various states of the Republic. The Iberoamerican Journalism Seminar CTI aims to share best practices in this field. During three annual seminars journalistic experiences in media outlets such as Nature, Scientific American, Science hoje, El Mundo (Spain), El Nacional (Venezuela), The New York Times, among others, have been presented with an average participation of 80 journalists per seminar. Results of a quantitative and qualitative research are presented.

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