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Portal de Periódicos Fiocruz
An open acess channel for science in Brazil

Ana Furniel  

In 2014, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) implemented its Open Access Policy to Knowledge, which involves a variety of initiatives: an institutional repository, an observatory in science, technology and innovation, educational projects, among others. One of them is The Journals Portal (http://periodicos.fiocruz.br/), a web space designed to integrate all Fiocruz scientific journals and its information search. Despite its long tradition in scientific publishing, the institution didn´t have a single joint space for your journals. In addition to scientific articles from different areas of knowledge in health, the audience has access to news, videos, interviews and infographics: a varied content, in different formats and accessible language. Besides, the portal offers share tools to promote dialogue, ideas exchanging and interaction. And it also takes place on social media networks. Still regarding integration, Fiocruz journals are published and indexed in bibliographic Brazilian databases and also in Latin America, the US and Europe ones, available in Scientific Electronic Library Online - SciELO too. Project prioritized interoperability, open access, free software, national and international standards. Launched in March 2015, Portal plays the role to: integrate scientific journals, contribute to reflect the diversity of Fiocruz scientific production; share information; to dialoguing with both Health and Science and Technology Systems in Brazil; ensure open access to scientific articles to all published authors, researchers, students and to population. The new channel emphasizes the relationship between the Research Policy, Politics of Graduate Studies and Information Policy, to enlighten scientific questions and engage Fiocruz in important issues for society. Scientific knowledge is not only an economic differential for development: it's part of human culture and the citizenship exercise. The Journal Portal reveals institutional ethical commitment, its multidisciplinary scientific production and contributes to citizens inclusion in Brazilian science. Because for Fiocruz information access and communication are strategic for knowledge advance.

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