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Communication Science and Technology In Youtube
Brazilian Case Analysis

ananias Oliveira filho  

In the last decade how many coming from YouTube "gifts" you received or sent? This question shows relevant because YouTube is now part of the mass media scene and is a force to be taken in consideration in the context of contemporary popular culture. Thus it is becoming a powerful tool for communication of issues related to the Communication of Science and Technology. More specifically in Brazil is occurring a proliferation of channels focusing on Science and Technology, of which we can highlight the "Channel Pirula" with more than quarter of a million subscribers and "Nerdologia" with over one million subscribers. The two channels have an average of about 150 thousand views a video, which demonstrates the high level of popularity of the channels. Thus this project aims to contribute to a better understanding of this new phenomenon, for this research will consist of three stages: 1. evaluation of the form of communication of the two channels, for this analysis stage will be used the discourse analysis method to evaluate the discursive resources in the speeches of the speakers and thus carry out a comparison with the traditional means of scientific disclosure at this stage will be the analysis of the three most viewed videos in both channels; 2- quantitative evaluation of the impact from the numbers views, shares and comments, seeking also to evaluate the relationship of the metrics with the topics covered in each video; 3- qualitative evaluations of the impact by means of discourse analysis of comments from each channel 20 first comments of the 10 most watched videos will be selected. It will use the method critical discourse analysis proposed by Van Dijk. The research was initiated and all results will be presented at PCST 2016.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.