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Climate experiences
Sensory video narratives to communicate climate change

Taina Luccas  

In face of the delicate moment in which we live through the effects of climatic alterations and the intensification of extreme phenomena, the circulation of information about climatic changes is becoming increasingly important. How can we think about the communication of climatic changes as a potent and effective movement to provoke broader reflections on the subject? Confronting the complexity that is involved this question; we look to construct interdisciplinary researches and creations, in which we focusing important concepts that cross climate change approaches. Almost every day we are drowned by the excess of information and news of climatic catastrophes, scenes that show places devastated by natural disasters, such as dried up rivers, water shortages in cities and the melting of polar ice caps. These images and information create narratives and stories about the potential end of the world. And often, these stories possess sterilizing effects by creating the sensation that nothing can be done because the scale of the problem has already become so big to the point that we don't know what actions to take and therefore become paralyzed. In this context we look to think critically about the quality of the information that is being produced about climate change, seeking to think of communications that create other possible narratives and stories to stimulate other types of thinking related to the environment, to the climate and life. In this way, we are developing sensorial video narratives that we will work aesthetic concepts, we aim to study possibilities of generating knowledge from sensory experiences in order to enfold climate change subjects through different approaches, seeking to contribute for the dissemination of knowledge and promote public participations.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.