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Introduction to Genomic Medicine
Itinerant Exhibition in Mexico and in Latin America

alejandro Rodríguez  

Introduction: In the emerging economies, knowledge about genomic medicine and its applications in human health are limited to specialists in the research. During the last decade, Mexico has been working in the development of a platform in genomic medicine. The National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN) is focused on the application of genomics to understand the basis of common diseases. The INMEGEN also develop an educational and outreach platform to disseminate knowledge about genomics to society. As part of this effort, we have developed a project to create an exhibition of genomic medicine, which will assemble exhibitions targeting the general public. The first stage of the exhibition is planned as a travelling performance, and will present the basics of genetics and genomics using interactive contents. Objective: The proposal is to create a 4th generation travelling show showing basic aspects about Genomic Medicine. The exhibition will cover an introduction to genomic medicine, development of genomic medicine in Mexico and Latin America and how the latest advances in genomic research and its applications can impact public health. Methods: A way to approach young people into science is through the use of interactive objects, simulators, 3D images, video and interactive games in which they can discover and understand scientific advances in biotechnology and genomic medicine and at the same time they can improve their own experiences in each particular space. Results: We are setting up the a 4th generation exhibition and the museography strategies. The National Council of Science and Technology in Mexico has already approved the project and approved a grant to establish the first exhibits. Conclusion: Our aim is to create different possibilities that might produce a cognitive, playful and teaching experience through the entire exhibition so, the visitors can explore their own creativity while increasing their knowledge about genomic medicine.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.