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Science Talkshow on Radio Project

Dyah Ratna Permatasari  

Almost all cars have a radio installed. Public use radio as their source of news as well as entertainment media while they are driving. For a big city with a highly traffic jam, radio is a lovely friend that always accompany the cars' drivers and passengers. Radio is also a media used in all houses besides TV. Housekeepers turned on their radio while they are doing the housekeeping. We could say that radio is the most popular media. Radio could be an excellent media for science communication. The tough area to use radio succesfully for science communication is to make it attractive for public to listen. The absence of visual performance would challenge the listener to create imagination on the talk. The host of the show or the science communicator should develop an interesting topic and a good strategy to deliver the message. DoctoRabbit and Pustekkom (the communication media institution for education under the Ministry of Education & Culture) have been developing a science talkshow on radio. The first project consists of 13 episodes. Each episode is 60 minutes long and divided into 4 segments. The first segment is the opening session by the host that talking about the issue for that episode generally. At the second segment, the host let a researcher talk about the science and technology behind the topic. The third segment is an interactive discussion among the host, the researcher, a guest act as lay public, and listeners. The last segment is a wrap up by the host. Language use is in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). The talkshow is going to be put on the internet as podcasts, too. Feedback from listeners is collected through email, twitter, and facebook, and will be used for the project evaluation.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.