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Light windows
Communication of 3D imaging

Pedro Pombo  

Nowadays several people use different technology on their daily life without having idea the challenges that it represented to the science community. The experience of 3D images is something common at any movie theatre or 3D TV. Nevertheless, this technology is used, at our society, with no recognition of the importance of science and the effort of research. This paper presents a traveling exhibition dedicated to 3D imaging technology and holograms. This project was developed for the International Year of Light celebrations at Portugal. This exhibition traveled to ten cities across the country and it is based on educational contents and outreach activities dedicated to the general public. The exhibition involved twelve holograms, one laboratory, one information spot, one workshop space and one interactive exhibit with six different topics. The development and construction of this exhibition has involved a team with different backgrounds and it brought a connection between scientists, science communicators, designers and engineers. Contents were guided by three main questions that take the visitor into a journey around 3D imaging and holograms. The goal of this project was to engage the public into 3D technology and to explore theory, techniques and applications, through dramatic 3D images, colourful lights and lab equipments. Evaluation was made to analyse the science communication and educational outcomes achieved by the public. This paper will present in detail all development and implementation, with focus on topics, materials, interaction, communication strategy and learning outcomes. The outreach program will be discussed and analysed with focus on public engagement on 3D technology and on the impact of the exhibition during the tour.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.