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Carolina Magalhães  

During 2015 events took place around the world to celebrate the International Year of Light. At Portugal a huge science communication program was developed and implemented in several cities. This was organised through the National Steering Commission or by individual initiatives. The program with national range was dedicated to the general public and schools, and it was based on two components: haptic field activities or events and digital media contents. Examples of contents and initiatives were exhibitions, photography contests, science cafés, workshops, publications, talks, science in the media and teachers training. All the topics were related with light and light based technologies. The main goal was to engage public into science and technology and to promote public awareness of science and the importance of light in our life and in the world.

This paper presents the framework of the project and all the program developed in Portugal. It will present in detail the organisation and implementation of the program, with focus on the impact on the public involved.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.