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The Ratu River Expedition
Earthquakes in Nepal

Isaac Kerlow  

The Ratu River Expedition is a short documentary movie about earthquakes in Nepal, featuring interviews with scientists and villagers, easy-to-understand animation, and new scientific discoveries that can help to minimize casualties from future seismic activity.

Nepal is a densely populated area and the most recent major earthquake took place in 2015. A tectonics team from the Earth Observatory of Singapore has been studying the fault that passes through the Ratu River at the feet of the Himalaya, 140 kilometers south of Mount Everest, in the South East of Nepal. The goal of this EOS scientific research is to find out what sections of the fault are yet to break, and when this might happen again.

The Ratu River Expedition is a 25-minute film featuring the research on Nepal earthquakes by the Structural Geology group at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, in collaboration with the National Seismological Center of Nepal. The film was written and directed by Isaac Kerlow, and it shows how the scientific team uses a variety of techniques and technologies to collect data on the field for later analysis. This includes a massive truck called the EnviroVibe which vibrates the ground between 10 to 300 pulses per second, sending sound waves up to 2 kilometers deep. The sound waves reflecting off the rock layers are used to visualize the faults and underground structure.

Watch the film's trailer.

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