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IDEAS PARA EL CAMBIO is a program of the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation - COLCIENCIAS (Colombia), which aims to which aims to generate processes of social appropriation of science and technology, based on the collaborative work between communities in vulnerable and groups engaged in research and technological development, in order to develop scientific - technological solutions that may be a response to the basic needs of these communities.

The methodological approach of the program is founded on the basis of mechanisms of open innovation and communication processes in virtual and in site scenarios, achieved through virtual platforms, generating processes of direct dialogue between specific social sectors and identify solutions to social problems through the application of innovative technological scientific ideas. The transverse axis is the construction of a meeting place among the scientific and innovative community of Colombia and diverse social sectors, particularly communities with social problems who have been unable to resolve.

The process of IDEAS PARA EL CAMBIO is based on principles of dialogue of knowledge and exchange of knowledge, based on the relationship between those who postulate the need and who propose the solution. A process that is based on respect, trust and responsibility, in order to ensure active community participation, co-management and consultation, where everyone contributes and built, so that the scientific - technological solution be accepted, adapted and socially sustainable.

The social appropriation of scientific -technological solutions on IDEAS PARA EL CAMBIO, is performed through an implementation process collaboratively, where communities subject of the intervention process are involved and participate actively in processes of CT + I. In this dynamic is presented a reconfiguration of social organization around the scientific-technological solution, since it is presented in an inclusive manner, coordinated and sustainable, promoting the partnership, the co-creation from the perspective of social innovation. In the whole process of generating communicative and reflective process on the scope and limitations of science and technology.

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