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Science communication in the problems of water management

Susana Herrera  

This work is part of an interdisciplinary project developed by both, natural and social scientists in the west region of México, about several facets of the problem of water: access, governance, environmental and social impacts of river modification, among others. In particular, this work is about the research in the public perceptions of the the problem of water by the affected communities in this region, and about the discourses of dominant actors in mass media and the discourses of activists and civil organizations in social networks.

The evidence of the abscence of the discourses of science in the public space has shown the urgence for an efficient science communication strategy oriented to promote public participation in the local policy of water management. Science communication should play an important role in the understanding of the water problems by the affected communities and by the policy makers in the west region of Mexico; and in the construction of a scientifically deliberative citizenship. For this purpouse, it is argued that the strategy must interweave the results of the research in natural sciences with the social and cultural findings reached through qualitative research. As a result, We are working in a communication strategy constructed through the dialogue between scientists, local communities and policy makers.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.