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Diversity and aesthetics at scientific animation movies


We aim to present and discuss the process of creation and production of the animation movies at Children's University - UFMG (WWW.universidadedascriancas.org), located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The animation movies stands as an excellent option for science communication, especially with younger audiences, given the familiarity that children in general already have with this type of audiovisual language from an early age. In addition, this feature allows working with a variety of themes that are part of the infant universe, through the wide possibility of using analogies and metaphors. At Children's Univeristy - UFMG' movies, besides the use of metaphors, there is a great concern about the aesthetic treatment.

Our main concern, however, has been the presentation of gender's diversity and race's diversity through the characters created, in order to promote the feeling of inclusion and respect in each child that watch the movie. The doubts are expressed by the children themselves, and all videos include the child's voice asking the question, and besides, most of the time, the narrator seeks to interact with the audience, inducing them to reflect, from their own experiences, about what is being shown.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.