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Daisy communication of scientific fact through advertisements in Indian media

Anil Ankit   Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University

Sudhir Rinten   Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies

Media is playing vital role in education, awareness and entertainment, even idiot box is also enjoying the warmth of communication in contemporary communication arena. TV screen is capturing minds and mood of the audiences, in the manner that each and every pattern of our life is being affected by the media interface. In this media progressive world the communication about science and scientific fact are being adopted by the audiences in the manner they are being shown on the screen. This paper will dissect and analyze the science communication through advertisements which are creating a daisy information environment. If media can create a wave of positive communication then a daisy communication can harm audiences as well. In this paper it has been analyzed that the science communication through advertisements has given them a platform to accesses new information about scientific facts. Now it is responsibility of a communicator, that the information which is being circulated through advertisements should not create any miss information are any dilemma in the minds of audiences. Advertising communication is the key player in the field of mind & Mood management. This paper will give a view of acceptability of communication approach through the promotional communication and also give the acceptability of the scientific facts and their impediments on the societies. It has been raveled that so many advertisements of the contemporary media reflects so many medical facts, although they are awaking common man about science but not in the proper prospective. Audiences are being fool with facts given in the communication. They are using medicines without prescription of a doctor. So many shampoos and FMCG are being used in the impression of scientific fact. Such communications are not confined for the Medicines and cosmetics but also for the lubricants, child food stuff, pet’s food, automobiles etc are being sold with the help of science. Yes it is true that, such communications are making audiences aware about science and science communication but on which cost. On the unsatisfactory performance of the product in the mind set of the audiences. It has been revealed that if audiences will be annoyed by such daisy communications, science will become a hard nut for them and again communication about same will be a tough task. In fact Indian audiences are not so much matured that they can analyze the wrong and right prospective of the communication and the impact of the same. So, the communication especially science communication in advertisements are very daisy and rather than communicating a proper image of science, companies are cheating their audiences in the name of science. No doubt this approach is affecting the real media world as well as the science communication stream. This paper will not give only the picture of daisy science communication in advertisements but also suggest a way to meet with the consequences of the communication.

A copy of the full paper has not yet been submitted.