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2021 – Virtual global conference   [354 papers presented]

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Author(s) Title Category
Allgaier, JYouTube influencers against climate change: How civil society and new forms of... Insight talk
Allgaier, JThe role of online video-sharing and online video-sharing platforms for science... Roundtable discussion
Allik, AHow to move masses? Engaging 15% of a population in a biobank with limited time... Individual paper
Almeida, CScience, theatre and diversity: the performing arts as a strategy for female... Insight talk
Amorim, LScience news: using an eye-tracker to assess the relevance of information... Insight talk
Anghelescu Tiganas, AKnow Your Audience? A Look into What Romanian Researchers Think About the... Insight talk
Antonio, DHow does communication drive innovation? Insight talk
Apolinario, N Assessment of Management Effectiveness of Hundred Islands National Park in...Visual presentation
Appiah, BEngaging deaf and hearing people to design docu-drama on genetics research:... Insight talk
Ayure, MPractices of Public Science and Technology Communication in Colombia and Spain.... Visual presentation
Bailey, JTaking 'a load off our minds' through 'airing our dirty laundry': an... Visual presentation
Bamford, MTime for a new audience: Boorna Waanginy, Case Study of an Art/Science/Culture... Visual presentation
Banister, KA year in the life of a public partnership - working together to improve public... Visual presentation
Banister, KUsing narratives and storytelling based on famous and historical characters to... Visual presentation
Bao, LUnderstanding willingness to engage in "democratic outreach" among science... Individual paper
Baram-Tsabari, ASports fans' science knowledge is relevant to their stance on COVID-19... Individual paper
Baram-Tsabari, APublic understanding of the mathematical aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic Individual paper
Barata, GReflections on 20 years of training in Science Journalism in Brazil Insight talk
Barbosa Gomez, LCitizens on the driving seat of solar energy research Insight talk
Barros, MFun with Electromagnetism and Art: The role of a museum exhibition in the... Insight talk
Bauer, MAttitudes to Science in 144 countries - re-examining the Wellcome Global Monitor... Linked papers
Beck, AA Question of the Future Insight talk
Bennett, NLandscaping Overview of North American Science Communication Fellowship Programs Individual paper
Berg, SHealth authorities' health risk communication with the public during pandemics:... Individual paper
Berry, EResearch, #Huh? - Improving Clinical Research Awareness Visual presentation
Besley, JWhat can science communicators learn from national public opinion surveys Roundtable discussion
Bezzon, RQuantitative approaches to complement understanding in science communication... Individual paper
Bezzon, RScience institutions' distribution and their role in science communication... Insight talk
Binneman, ASKA South Africa: Moving from stakeholder management to stakeholder engagement... Insight talk
Binneman, AThe story of SKA in the media: Science Communication and Engagement in a... Visual presentation
Blasco, FFrom the Magic of Science to the Science of Magic. Past, present and (blended)... Demonstration
Boete, CGene drive, public engagement and communication : Hype and lobbying Insight talk
Bohlin, G"I want to, but there is no time!" - a Swedish survey on researchers' views on... Individual paper
Bohlin, GOpen Sesame! What do researchers think of Open Science? Insight talk
Bossema, FScience communication in an interdisciplinary research project: the interplay... Visual presentation
Broer, IRapid reaction: Science Media Center Germany and its response to the COVID-19... Individual paper
Brouneus, FStuck without the middle - how facilitators can help researchers do better... Visual presentation
Brouneus, FTerra incognita - shedding light on the public's views of humanities research Individual paper
Brown, AGuides at the Horizon: Art+Science Learning Spaces Visual presentation
Brown, AThe Pleasure of Pursuit Insight talk
Brown, AAssessing the landscape for Public Communication of Science curriculum among... Individual paper
Bucchi, MScience communication studies: where are we now? Roundtable discussion
Bucchi, MCardinal virtues and capital vices in science communication Insight talk
Budano, AVirtual Reality system in nuclear physics: a new strategy for science... Visual presentation
Calice, MActions and associations: understanding scientists' perceptions of public... Individual paper
Campos, R(Re)Thinking cities through the eyes of young children Visual presentation
Campos, RLet's talk about climate change... but when do we start? Visual presentation
Campos, RCommunicating (African) biodiversity through capulanas Insight talk
Candás Vega, R Tilling an artistic way to undertands the hyperbolic honeycombs Visual presentation
Cardenas Hernandez, OConnecting science to people: the role of National Research and Education... Visual presentation
Cardoso, JScience Engagement Through Videos Insight talk
Carrillo Trueba, CCommunicating Science in the Making: Science and Society in the Time of... Insight talk
Cassidy, AThinking Long-Term About Public Controversies Individual paper
Chávez-Arrendondo, NScience communication and science communication research: a dialog in process Visual presentation
Chinnalong, SThe Challenge of Science Communication in Thailand: past, present and future Individual paper
Cho, SEncountering Artificial Intelligence technology at a Korean science museum Visual presentation
Chordaki, EScience communication Herstories: diversity and inclusiveness. Some reflections ... Individual paper
Chordaki, EManaging the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic in Greece: Communication,... Insight talk
Connoway, K"The science is not settled": an analysis of pro- and anti-vaccine rhetoric on... Individual paper
Dalgleish, HScience camps overlooked: a 50-year old science communication practice Individual paper
Daoud, MScience Communication in Egypt: Challenges and Opportunities Insight talk
Daoud, MA comparative study on Science Festivals between the United Kingdom and Egypt Visual presentation
Daricello, LVirtual Reality for increasing the awareness of current scientific researchVisual presentation
Daricello, LThe Astronomical guide of Palermo: an example of Astrotourism at the INAF -...Visual presentation
Davies, SScience communication for social change: What does STS have to offer? Roundtable discussion
Davies, SThe landscape of European science communication: A field in transformation? Linked papers
Davis, LTransformation of the Media Landscape: Infotainment versus Expository... Individual paper
de Bakker, LMaking PCST conferences as inclusive and diverse as possibleDemonstration
De Filippo, DA science-shop experience for the co-creation of scientific knowledge Visual presentation
de Graaf Núñez, PMatemorfosis: Communicating Mathematics in Guanajuato, Mexico Insight talk
de Oliveira, DScience Communication and Socio-Environmental Conflicts Roundtable discussion
de Oliveira, DActivism in Latin America: the role of science communication and NGOs in... Visual presentation
de Oliveira, DTraditional communities' knowledge and formal scientific knowledge: how... Individual paper
de Oliveira Coelho, AThe revision of the International System of Units and the challenge to... Visual presentation
Denia, EScience stars on Twitter: impact of the public discourse Insight talk
Dijkstra, ACurrent transformations in the science-society relationship: learnings from... Roundtable discussion
Doebl, SWhy don't you (g)doodle it? Making health services research more accessible and... Insight talk
Doebl, STransforming healthcare now - one doodle at a time. Visual presentation
Doran, HCommunicating science in the courtroom Insight talk
Duca, EMentors, Mentees, and Public EngagementRoundtable discussion
Duran, MScience communication in nonscience events. New opportunities found in Magic... Visual presentation
Duran, MScience, Magic, and Mystery of Time Insight talk
Dvorzhitskaia, DCERN Open Days: going beyond head-counting Insight talk
Ellis, MA global perspective on the role of funding agencies in public engagement with... Individual paper
Emmer, MSoap Bubbles and Vanitas : Mathematicians at the Time of Virus  Visual presentation
Entradas, MPublic communication of research institutes compared across countries Linked papers
Enzigmüller, CNothing in biology (communication) makes sense except in the light of... Insight talk
Equihua, CCommunicate the science behind environmental issues. Identifying key messages... Visual presentation
Espinoza, NScientific research in the contex of epistemology - Searching new practices for... Visual presentation
Esrail, FNavigating Negotiations in Starting Up and Supporting Living Labs Visual presentation
Fahy, DThe Journalist as Philosopher of Technology: Nicholas Carr as Case Study Individual paper
Farrugia, DScience communication policies for societal change Individual paper
Farrugia, DSuccess criteria of networks in science communication Individual paper
Feldman, H#ClimateStrike: motivations, behaviours and media habits of environmental... Individual paper
Ferracioli, LScience communication about the centenary of solar eclipse in Sobral, Brazil Visual presentation
Ferracioli, LMultiplicity, visibility and readability: the communication of art, science and... Individual paper
Ferreira, MAudiovisual tools in science communication: mapping video abstracts published... Insight talk
Ferreira, MOver 20 PubhD Coimbra: when science communication renew city traditions Visual presentation
Fleerackers, ACommunicating scientific uncertainty during COVID-19: Investigating the use of... Individual paper
Floyd, ADiagnosis: kidnapped! Escape game Demonstration
Fogg-Rogers, LAct Now: Is the time for science communication about climate change over, or... Linked papers
Fogg-Rogers, LCatch 22 - improving visibility of women in science and engineering for both... Insight talk
Fowler, SVaccine Hesitancy Communication during a Global Pandemic: A Case Study of... Individual paper
Frias Villegas, GA Model to Communicate Science from Institutes of Scientific Research Insight talk
Frias Villegas, GThe raise and the fall of a rockstar epidemiologist in Mexico Individual paper
Funk, CScience Communication and Political Divides in the U.S. Individual paper
Fähnrich, BActivists as "alternative" science communicators Roundtable discussion
Gale, FScience for Everyone Insight talk
Garcia-Guerrero, MScience recreation workshops: establishing communities and developing networks Roundtable discussion
Garcia-Guerrero, MChain reactions for science communication Visual presentation
Gardner, HDemonstrating That "We Walk Among You": Improving Representation and... Visual presentation
Garrison, HEngaging the Public through Open Science - Putting theory into practice Roundtable discussion
Gascoigne, TThree principles from the book Communicating Science. A Global Perspective Roundtable discussion
Geipel, AWhen exhibits come back to life - How to implement Virtual and Augmented... Individual paper
Gelmez-Burakgazi, SPublic Perception, Myths, and Communication in Turkey During COVID-19 PandemicIndividual paper
Gerber, AScience communication research: Results from an empirical field analysis Individual paper
Ginosar, AScience news websites as mediators between scientists and the public Individual paper
Golumbic, YCharacterizing engagement in an environmental citizen science project Individual paper
Gorgoni, BEmpowering local communities through "Talking Science" Demonstration
Grasso, VBetween transmitting knowledge and rethinking science in society: practices and... Individual paper
Grasso, VScientist-public interaction: who's transforming whom? How many researchers... Insight talk
Gubitosa, CThe problem of trust in scicomm: transforming global science communication with...Visual presentation
Guenther, LComparing Journalistic and Social Media Uptake of Articles Published by The... Individual paper
Halpern, MArt as Science Communication Individual paper
Halpern, MActs of expression and Expressive Objects: Practicing Science as Experience Insight talk
Hartkopf, ATransforming the Way We Talk about (and Do!) Mathematical Science Communication Individual paper
Hayslett, MTraining Future Scientists: The Role of Analogies in Science Communication Demonstration
Hayslett, MHow do the EU and US communicate about policy issues that rely on science? Individual paper
Hendriks, FCommunicating their own research: What do we need to know about the role of... Roundtable discussion
Hendriks, FWhat Makes People Attend to and Trust Science and Scientific Experts in Online... Linked papers
Herrera, STwenty years of research in science communication: challenges and... Insight talk
Holesovsky, CWho should have a say? Public perspectives of regulation and policy development... Individual paper
Holliman, RTransforming astrobiology research and innovation: embedding an ethos of... Individual paper
Hong, WScience Communication for Just Transition - Strategies and Challenges of... Insight talk
Hothersall, BCollaboration vs competition: improving public engagement with research through... Insight talk
Howell, EU.S. scientists views of gene editing: Measuring short-term impact of the... Individual paper
Humm, CPreaching to the choir? Science communication and the audiences not reached Insight talk
Hurst, JScience Communication & Television: Emerging opportunites for widening... Demonstration
Hvass-Faivre d'Arcier, MScience, YES we can! Individual paper
Ikkatai, YMasculine public image of science in Japan: what keywords do public associate? Individual paper
Ilic, JApplying the Structure of Magic to Science Communication  Insight talk
Inglis, RFive studies, five ways: Transforming youth engagement through co-created... Demonstration
Islas Cruz, LMagic with Maths: Closing the distance between students and Mathematics Visual presentation
Jansma, SCo-creation with stakeholders in the development of nanotechnologies Individual paper
Jasinski, AMarketing as a useful tool in public communication of science and technology Individual paper
Jia, HExamining Chinese scientists' media behaviours: institutional support and media... Individual paper
Jia, HWhy as nuclear power experienced lower public resistance in China? - Examining... Individual paper
Jurack, EHow to bring Immunology to schools - a best practice report for a school lab Insight talk
Kalmar, ECo-Design as a Paradigm Shift in Science Communication related to complex... Insight talk
Kanani, SRAS200 - astronomy and geophysics reach out to new communities Insight talk
Kankaria, S'Visible' but not yet 'Celebrities': The case of Indian Scientists during...Individual paper
Kastrup, USpace researchers as comic heroes  Insight talk
Kiyuk, PPiloting the use of virtual reality video of research laboratories as a public... Visual presentation
Klinkert, AInspire, Engage, Involve: Welcome to the New European Science Engagement... Insight talk
Klinkert, ACo-Creating a New European Science Engagement Platform Demonstration
Klinkert, AHow to Deal with Growing PETs? Co-Creating Guidelines for European Public... Demonstration
Koivumäki, KIdea(l)s and gaps of researchers' and in-house communication professionals'... Individual paper
Koivumäki, KExploring the intersections: Researchers and communication professionals'... Insight talk
Kompella, PInteractive Youth Science Workshops benefit student participants and graduate... Insight talk
Krause, NEnabling decision-relevant debates about human genome editing Individual paper
Kupper, FHow citizens make sense of Covid-19 and the practice of communicating science Individual paper
Laisney, OScience capital and the justice system Insight talk
Leatham, SWhat do evaluation practices reveal about the evolving career and working life... Individual paper
Leeuwis, CWhat about Responsible Scaling? Moving Science Communication beyond Responsible... Insight talk
Leon, BThe role of Greta Thunberg's discourse in the global conversation about climate... Individual paper
Li, KCommunicating Quantum Mechanics to the Chinese Public: "A Guide to Roaming the... Visual presentation
LI, XConstructing an Integrated Evaluation Index System for Science Centers in China Visual presentation
Lieu, ZCancer Misconceptions among Singapore Students Visual presentation
Lieu, ZTracing the emergence and the development of Science Communication in a small... Individual paper
Lim, ZScience Busking as a tool to transform public spaces Visual presentation
Lin, CFridays for "Farm": Campus farming and the transformation of community... Visual presentation
Lin, PMedia Representations towards Nanotechnology in Taiwan-Agenda setting and... Insight talk
Little, HIs it time to escape? Examining "Escape Rooms' as science communication... Insight talk
Liu, YEmpirical Analysis of the Leading Scientists in China Conducting Science... Insight talk
Liu, GReview of 70 Years Development of Science Communication in China: From the... Individual paper
Llorente, CScientists' opinions and attitudes towards citizens' understanding of science... Visual presentation
Lo, YPublic communication of science - not a priority of university PR in TaiwanInsight talk
Lobo Antunes, JSpeaking science in 90 seconds Insight talk
Longnecker, NAotearoa New Zealand - Moving to participatory science and bicultural knowledge... Visual presentation
Longnecker, NCo-creation of Stories in Sound - Aotearoa New Zealand Insight talk
Lopez, MLab Enigmas: Immersive games to communicate science  Insight talk
Lorke, JYouth in museum-led Citizen Science - participation in scientific research,... Individual paper
Loth, ACambridge VERY short Visual presentation
Loth, ACambridge Shorts: Turning excellent research into engaging films Insight talk
Lukanda, IScience versus alternative "facts": Rolling the GMO debate Visual presentation
Lupetti, KOuroboros: science, art and inclusion Visual presentation
Magana, PPublic communication and social appropriation of science in Mexico Insight talk
Malik, SThe light at night: our convenience, birds' peril Visual presentation
Manyweathers, JFoot and mouth disease ready? How relationships between Australian livestock... Individual paper
Marques, JTime inside the Dome: How astronomical time is depicted and communicated in... Individual paper
Marschalek, ISocial labs as transformative approach to implement Responsible Research and...Roundtable discussion
Martin, DTheme parks as science communication spaces: the EPCOT case Visual presentation
Martinelli, LPersonal and social implications of genomic knowledge Insight talk
Martinelli, LNarrative analysis about facemask wearing at the COVID-19 time: perceptions of... Individual paper
Mason, ETransforming Science Communication: New models enacted by Science Ceilidh on... Individual paper
Mateos Espejel, LNo trust, no interest: Mexican farmers' perceptions of Covid-19 and Scientists'... Individual paper
Mathieson, AEscaping the choir - STEM escape rooms as a tool for broader engagement. Insight talk
Matias, AEngagement with science and art as a means of social inclusion Individual paper
Matiwana, ZSouth African factors that shape transformation of science-society relations: A... Insight talk
Mauncho, CEngaging with media; A Kenyan perspective Visual presentation
McAuliffe, FCombining poetry and science to walk through geological time Insight talk
McIntosh White, JIn the spirit of Mr Wizard: tracing the evolution of celebrity science through... Linked papers
McKinnon, MVisible or vulnerable? An exploration of the impacts of - and on - role models  Insight talk
McLister, LProfessionalising Sci Comm Professionals Insight talk
Mede, NPopulism towards science: What it is and how it can be measured  Individual paper
Meinsma, AQuantum Empowerment: how can we organise evidence-based science communication... Visual presentation
Mendiola, RExploring trends and themes of science communication using probabilistic topic... Individual paper
Mendoza-Poudereux, IHow does the public build their opinions and beliefs related to scientific... Visual presentation
Mendoza-Poudereux, IPresenting the Global Plant Council. Bringing plant science closer to society... Visual presentation
Menzies, JA balancing act: Transforming science communication through... Insight talk
Merzagora, MBetween science engagement and co-construction : the pros and cons of a natural... Insight talk
Metcalfe, JParticipatory science communication changing publics Roundtable discussion
Metcalfe, JParticipatory science communication's power to create societal change Linked papers
Metcalfe, JA new nexus model for science communication Visual presentation
Miller, S"The Public Understanding of Science" - a generation on Roundtable discussion
Miller, SMauna Kea, Imiloa and a place for safe disagreement Individual paper
Minas, KCommunity Learning and Development. What's STEM got to do with it? Visual presentation
Minto Fabricio, TUnderstanding Brazilian Scientists' motivation towards Public Communication of...Visual presentation
Minto Fabricio, TExploring Science where it is made: an open air and digital museum in a...Visual presentation
Montemayor, GWhen Scicom meets Devcom: Communicating science using the Devcom lens and what... Individual paper
Morais, CConnecting science communication with evaluation: Representations and practices... Visual presentation
Moreno-Castro, CWhich has more influence on the Spaniard's citizens dieting: the media's...Visual presentation
Morfakis, C"Photograph 51": Science Communication in Contemporary TheaterInsight talk
Motion, ABreaking Good - open source drug discovery and science communication Visual presentation
Motion, AThe Nano Lens - Art, Science, Nature Visual presentation
Mumba, NMagnet Theatre for Health Research: Experiences of using drama for stimulating... Visual presentation
Murphy, PCommunicating vaccinations, cancer screening and reproductive rights: a... Individual paper
Murphy, PThe Story of John Edmonstone, Darwin's Teacher Insight talk
Namayi, RTransforming relations between science communication practice and research Visual presentation
Navarro, KCommunicating science in developing contexts: the Philippine perspective Individual paper
Nepote, ASustainability on Display: the opportunity to transform our visions about... Individual paper
Newman, TUnpacking the Individual paper
Nic Daeid, NScience Communication and Criminal Justice Individual paper
Nielsen, KTime and transformations in practices and cultures of science communication Linked papers
Norberto Rocha, JTowards a more inclusive science communication in museums: a case study of... Visual presentation
O'Hara, KTwo streams, one bridge :a cultural excursion into SciArt land Visual presentation
Ogawa, YPromoting and Transforming Communication about Science between Preschool... Visual presentation
Olesk, AStakeholders' perceptions about the quality of science communication Visual presentation
Oviedo, LEnhancing public understanding of paleontology Insight talk
Oviedo, LMuseum for change: local paleontologists impact their community Visual presentation
Padilla, JExperts and citizens answer: What science does the ordinary citizen need? Individual paper
Palfreyman, HUsing (and abusing) historical time in science communication  Individual paper
Pansegrau, P"Trust this expert, beause he is an university professor": A Content Analysis... Individual paper
Pappa, EDeveloping a Methodological Tool to Analyze and Evaluate the Design of Science... Individual paper
Pasternak, NCommunicating the dangers of pseudoscience: a global challenge Roundtable discussion
Patiniotis, MFrom communication of historical knowledge to time travels Individual paper
Pellegrini, GPublic Communication of Science: trust and credibility in the eyes of the public Roundtable discussion
Pellegrini, GWho is inspiring me? Scientists telling science stories Individual paper
Pereira, MData Scraping to the rescue: settling Brazilian public communication of...Visual presentation
Petakos, DCrossing the Boundaries and Re-Inventing Science Communication: The "Prisma... Insight talk
Peters, HBeyond the deficit model: Non-paternalistic knowledge communication as... Individual paper
Pfeiffer, LThreat without efficacy? Transforming coverage to engage the public during... Individual paper
Phillips, SScience in silence: breaking language and cultural barriers using science... Insight talk
Phillips, SAn explosive impact: how do science shows influence teenage audiences? Visual presentation
Pinto, BWhat news from the sea? Assessing the presence of marine issues in the...Individual paper
Postiglione, AExperience gravity with a rubber sheet: a DIY low-cost educational kit Visual presentation
Ramadan, MThe Impact of Science Communication Competitions on the Capacities of the Next... Insight talk
Ramalho e Silva, MThe cancer pill controversy on Facebook: the clash between scientific authority... Individual paper
Ramirez, RScience Communication Lab - Transforming practice through an exercise of... Visual presentation
Rani, SIts my time, its my clock! Visual presentation
Rauch, SThe humanistic story of COVID-19: Communicating the complexity and science of... Insight talk
Reijnierse, GWhat analyzing fact checks can teach us about science communication Individual paper
Revuelta, GMiles away and we still have a lot in common: the origins of modern science... Roundtable discussion
Ridgeway, SThe Who, What, Why of Science Communication Education in the UK and How it... Insight talk
Ridgway, AHow an Online Parenting Website Will Help Us Fix the Fake News Crisis Insight talk
Riggs, BRevisiting MythBusters: Television, Time, and the Ongoing Story of Science Individual paper
Rigutto, CHow images can hinder or boost the dissemination of your research. Demonstration
Riley, JScience never speaks for itself: Transforming perspectives on the communication... Linked papers
Riley, JA Walk Through Time: South African Science Lens Competition Visual presentation
Roberson, TCan Novelty be Responsible? A Conversation on Science Communication and RRI Roundtable discussion
Roblas, MFrame Up: Analyzing Media Frames of News Placements on Industry, Energy and... Visual presentation
Roche, JIntegrated STEAM approaches for communicating science in informal learning... Insight talk
Rose, KStructures of engagement: How institutional structures at U.S. land-grant... Individual paper
Rottink, MIntegrating new technology and local practice in designing a communication tool Insight talk
Rozenblum, YEvidence for gendered engagement with posts authored by women scientists in... Individual paper
Rödder, S"Doing it to tick a box is an insult to everybody": Reflecting on participatory... Insight talk
Rödder, SGlobal Warming in Local Discourses: How Communities around the World Make Sense... Visual presentation
Salmon, RExploring reflexivity: building bridges between theory and practice in science... Individual paper
Santos, AScience in Brazilian and Canadian Pubs: Public Communication of Science ... Visual presentation
Santos-Carvalho, APortuguese students' perceptions of science and scientists: a case study in a... Visual presentation
Saracino, B(Re)Turn to trusted experts and traditional media? Communication behaviour and... Individual paper
Sardo, MTransforming tradition: evaluating the iconic Christmas Lectures series  Insight talk
Sargent, STransforming science communication at Informal Learning Institutions: Using... Individual paper
Sarvary, MA Foundation, not an afterthought: diversifying training models to transform... Roundtable discussion
Sarvary, MActive learning in the science communication classroom Demonstration
Sava, MTime Travel - between Scientific Fact and Science Fiction. Accounts from a... Individual paper
Savoie, GI Am Ocean: Redefining Narrative Ownership in Science Communication Insight talk
Schiele, APseudoscience communication in mass media: Science communication emulation or... Individual paper
Schiele, AExtra! Extra! UFOs Are Real! From Sensationalist Reporting to Pseudoscience... Insight talk
Schiele, BThe intrinsinc polysemy of the field of PCST Individual paper
Schulz, ANew approaches and formats for environmental reporting by a federal agency Visual presentation
Schumann, SSelfobservation and -reflection in Science Communication Insight talk
Scianitti, FBecoming artists to meet science Insight talk
Seese, SExperiencing Physics Demonstrations Insight talk
Shah, ECRISPRcas9: Ontology of the Gene and the Politics of Science-Society... Individual paper
Shang, YHow Negative Emissions is Framed on Twitter: A Novel Application of Structural... Insight talk
Sharon, AExperts' bounded engagement with publics: An Interview-Based Study of Online... Individual paper
Shortt, MShortcomings in public health authorities' videos on COVID-19: When lack of... Individual paper
Silva Luna, DIs Science "Awesome"?: Reframing the Use of Awe in Science Communication Insight talk
Singh, VTechnology, lifestyle diseases and economic burden Visual presentation
Skeldon, KJourneys of Engagement: When do scientists take ownership of public engagement? Roundtable discussion
Smeets, IOvercoming misinformation about science in the media Linked papers
Solis, LVideo-News and climate change communication: new formats, frames and images in... Insight talk
Sotiriou, MEngagement interdisciplinary approaches in STEAM : Learning Science Through... Insight talk
Spoel, PWho are "we"? Negotiating public health authority and citizen responsibility in... Individual paper
Stelmach, AGene drive technology in the UK, US and Australian press: Exploring tensions... Individual paper
Stenlund, JMoving through time Individual paper
Sterk, FSaving the world, one scicomm text at a time: liberal education and the art of... Visual presentation
Stewart, MCell Block Science Demonstration
Sumner, JElectric dreams: putting past science communication approaches to work in the... Individual paper
Swierkowski, JArt & Science of the Invisible: Translating through metaphors Visual presentation
Swierkowski, JStellar Entangelment - VR Video Visual presentation
Taragin-Zeller, LPublic engagement with Science among Religious Minorities: Lessons from COVID-19 Individual paper
Thiem, CIt's about "making" - Civic hackathons as technoscientific public... Insight talk
Thomas, VBrave Zoom World: Exploring engaged research in a strange, new, physically... Insight talk
Tiffany, LDemand for Trustworthiness Information from Science Communicators Individual paper
Toon, EBut does it work? Evaluation, effectiveness and the history of health... Individual paper
Topousis, DScience Communications Training: Insights and Review from a Practitioner's... Visual presentation
Trench, BPersonalities, publics and places in 19th century science popularisationIndividual paper
Tsuboi, AScience communication practice as a catalyst for science and humanities Visual presentation
Turner-Skoff, JBranching out: reaching younger audiences and telling the story of plant STEM... Insight talk
Tönsfeuerborn, T"We don't know yet, but that's quite usual!" A Qualitative Content Analysis of... Insight talk
Uslu, VHow to bring 60 nerds together on a stage? Insight talk
Uyoga, SSickle cell disease - the patient's perspective  Visual presentation
van Dam, FEducating science communicators in / after the COVID era Demonstration
van der Sanden, MDiscussable complexity in science communication through form language Insight talk
Vasquez-Guevara, DParticipatory Co-Design of Science Communication Strategies for Public... Individual paper
Vaupotic, NGrab a drink and talk science: How scientists adapt their talks for an informal... Insight talk
Vaupotic, NKnowing what you don't know: Does explaining a science article affect... Individual paper
Vengut Climent, ELet's rethink the tools for Scicomm evaluation Insight talk
Vicari, RPublic perception of climate risks: following Web communication trails during... Individual paper
Vilkins, STraining for the future: Teaching science communication and new media Roundtable discussion
Villen, GUniversity engagement in the Covid-19 Pandemic: the experience of the... Insight talk
Väliverronen, EScience and expertise under fire: the emerging threat of censorship Individual paper
Väliverronen, ETrust in science and expertise during the COVID-19 crisis in Finland Individual paper
Walker, GGrowing science communication in developing regions Individual paper
Walker, GMake it relevant? Engage emotionally? Motivating publics in a science... Individual paper
Wang, GFrom Food to Politics: Representations of genetically modified organisms in... Individual paper
Weder, FSustainability as Cognitive Friction: A narrative approach to understand moral... Insight talk
Weder, F#finaltrashtination Visual presentation
Weitkamp, EMore than a play: Exploring engagements with science theatre Roundtable discussion
Wilkinson, CTransforming cultures: What can science communicators take from gender equality... Insight talk
Wood, MRe-envisaging the visual communication of science Roundtable discussion
Wu, LScience-edu-communication: Trends reveal in 20 years of science communication... Insight talk
Yang, ZCitizen Scientists in Chinese Knowledge-Sharing Networks: Reconstruction of... Individual paper
Yokoyama, HThe effect of gender equality on the masculine image of physics and math in... Insight talk
Yuan, HPromoting the spirit of science through the history of science: Taking the... Visual presentation
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Zhao, JHow to foster scientific culture in the public: the role of academic journals Roundtable discussion
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