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The story of SKA in the media
Science Communication and Engagement in a multinational project.

Anton BinnemanSquare Kilometre Array. South Africa


  • Mathieu IsidroSKAO   United Kingdom
The SKA is a global effort to build the world’s largest Radio Telescope and arguably the world’s largest scientific infrastructure project , this project has captured the imaginations of the global population and encouraged the involvement of people from every continent. It is also one of the projects that has been documented in the media extensively, the Project has been featured on the front page of the New York times, National Geographic, Popular mechanics and numerous other international publications and broadcasts. This paper will be a collaboration by different SKA Partner countries. The paper will outline broad trends in the media and it will tell the story of the project in the media starting in the 1990’s. The paper will tell the story of how journalists viewed the project and how different media platforms was used to communicate Science and facts about the project. Furthermore, the paper will briefly show how journalists were engaged at different phases of the project for different reasons.. Finally, the paper will highlight some best practices and strategies by the different partner countries in communicating science, through the media.

The author has not yet submitted a copy of the full paper.

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