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Welcome to the New European Science Engagement Platform

Annette KlinkertEuropean Science Engagement Association, EUSEA. Germany


  • Cissi AskwallPresident EUSEA, CEO Vetenskap & Allmänhet, Stockholm   Sweden
The fields of science communication and public engagement have become larger and more professional in the past few years. New formats and joint initiatives have been created, guidelines for best practice have been established and the field of science of science communication is growing.

But so far, most of these efforts have developed separately in local, regional or national contexts. Therefore, the European Science Engagement Association, EUSEA, has started to gather, sort and disseminate different formats and concepts for communicating research and engaging people with science across Europe and globally. The platform will be built upon past experiences, reflect present best practice and lead towards future strategies in Public Engagement across Europe.

At the PCST conference, EUSEA will present this new European platform, which wants to inspire and foster knowledge transfer, thereby further connecting the European Science Communication and Public Engagement community. The platform will share best practices and knowledge on upcoming trends and formats, and offer guidelines for engaging successfully with different audiences. 

The European Science Engagement Platform and two examples of useful science communication and public engagement formats will be presented by EUSEA President Cissi Askwall and EUSEA Director Annette Klinkert. They will also explain how to add formats and encourage all participants to do so, providing them with a template to be shared within the professional community.

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Category: Insight talk
Theme: Transformation