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The landscape of European science communication
A field in transformation?

Sarah DaviesNorwegian University of Science and Technology. Norway


  • Joseph RocheTrinity College Dublin   Ireland
  • Rebecca WellsCity University of London   United Kingdom
  • Fabiana ZolloUniversità  Ca   Italy
This panel seeks to open a conversation about the status of scholarship and practice in science communication across Europe today. Based on research carried out for the European-funded project QUEST, which explores and tests ideas about quality in science communication and which runs from 2019-2021, it showcases work on the contemporary norms of science communication practice and on the research landscape as a whole. This work focuses on four areas: science communication scholarship (Davies); contemporary science journalism (Wells); social media practice (Zolla et al); and science museum practice (Roche et al). By providing a snapshot of European norms, practices, challenges, and concerns in each of these areas, the panel will open up discussion about the overall landscape of European science communication. What is the ‘state of the art’ in public communication of science? Are there shared challenges and concerns across Europe and across formats? And does it even make sense to talk about ‘science communication’ as a coherent set of activities and knowledge at all?

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Theme: Transformation