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Co-creation of Stories in Sound - Aotearoa New Zealand

Nancy LongneckerCentre for Science Communication, University of Otago. New Zealand


  • Alison BallanceRadio New Zealand   New Zealand
  • Andrea LiberatoreCentre for Science Communication, University of Otago   New Zealand
  • Sarah ManktelowCentre for Science Communication, University of Otago   New Zealand
  • Jim MetznerPulse of the Planet   United States
  • Karthic SSCentre for Science Communication, University of Otago   New Zealand
Soundscapes are the soundtrack of our lives, enhancing the human journey by enabling deep feelings and engagement with the world around us. As our world experiences the extraordinary changes of a warming climate, its soundscapes will undoubtedly change as well. This project is creating a snapshot of sounds of Aotearoa New Zealand in 2020. The project involves co-creation, with collaboration of public participants, academics, people working in the New Zealand acoustics community, community radio and a Fulbright Specialist with a global audience of podcast listeners.

Stories in Sound encourages people to appreciate and interact with their environment by sharing stories of their local soundscapes, with attention to how those soundscapes have or will change over time. These soundscapes and their associated stories are being shared with a global audience through social media and Pulse of the Planet radio series and podcast and locally through community radio. We hope that the project’s outputs of stories about iconic New Zealand sounds and soundscapes will inspire people to value our environments. The project empowers and supports a storytelling community of practice made up of diverse members of the public as well as professional story-tellers.

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Category: Insight talk
Theme: Technology