PCST Network

Public Communication of Science and Technology


PCST Conferences

PCST Conferences take place every two years, bringing together practitioners, educators and researchers in the diverse and growing field of science communication. They include elements of academic and professional conferences, including presentation of research, reflections on practice, and practical workshops and demonstrations. They attract participation typically from more than 50 countries in all continents and have been hosted most recently in Turkey, Brazil, Italy and India. Each hosting has helped boost interest in PCST in the relevant city, region or country as well as strengthening international networking.

The PCST Conference scheduled for Aberdeen 26–28 May was replaced with an on-line conference PCST 2020+1. The next Conference will be in Rotterdam from 12–14 April 2023, with a pre-conference day on Tuesday 11 April.

History of PCST conferences

The PCST Network attracted 130 delegates to its first conference in Poitiers, France in 1989. The founders of the movement include Pierre Fayard, Bernard Schiele, Valadimir De Semir and Suzanne De Cheveigne, all still actively involved in science communication.

Subsequent conferences were held in Madrid (Spain, 1991) and Montreal (Canada, 1994), and the Network has developed into a truly international organisation with a conference every 2 years and an active electronic discussion list.

PCST conferences have been held in: