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FAQs on the Conference 2020+1

14 January 2021

Your questions answered on A.  Registration B. Any proposal you may have made C. The program for 2020+1 D. Participation in the Virtual Conference E. Post conference

FAQs on the Conference 2020+1

A.    Registration for the PCST2020+1 conference

A1.  If you are having issues about the PCST 2020+1 registration system:

Please contact :  cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk

A2. I registered for the PCST2020 conference; is the virtual conference cheaper? If so, can I get a partial refund?

Yes, there are options for a partial refund, donating your refund to support others participate in the conference or including another person on your registration.

      See: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/registration-565.php

You need to make a decision by 31 January 2021.  If we don’t hear from you, your partial refund will be donated to support others attend.

A3. I registered for the PCST2020 conference; do I need to re-register?


       But refer to the options at: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/registration-565.php

A4. I registered for the PCST2020 conference and am now unable to participate in the PCST2020+1. Can I get a full refund? If so, how?

Yes, see: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/registration-565.php

A5. I didn’t register for PCST2020 conference as I did not think I could attend. Could I now register for the virtual PCST2020+1?

Yes, see: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/registration-565.php           

A6. As a speaker, when do I have to register for the conference?

All speakers must register by 31 January 2021 to be included in the program. If you have not registered by then, your proposal will not be included in the program. 

This only applies to speakers.  This includes all the speakers in a Roundtable Discussion or a Linked Paper session. Co-authors only need to register if they want to attend the conference, and they can do this at any time. 

If there are special circumstances that might prevent you from registering by this date, contact Jenni Metcalfe, the chair of the Program Committee to let her know: chair@pcst.co

A6. Am I eligible for a discounted registration rate?

People who are financial members of PCST at the time of the conference are eligible for a discount on registration fees.  

You may be financial now, but if your membership expires before the date of the conference you need to renew it.  

A7. How do I check if I am a financial member of PCST?

Check your membership status by logging into your membership account at https://pcst.co/members

This tells you if you are financial or not.  If you are not financial, a note (with a link) tells you how to renew your membership.  Membership lasts for two years, essentially from one conference to the next.

A8. What does the conference registration fee for PCST2020+1 include?

Registration will allow the delegate to access all elements of the virtual conference, and present, if they have an accepted paper.  The virtual conference will include keynote speakers, parallel sessions as well as networking elements.  Many of the conference elements will be available for a period after the conference – allowing registered delegates to access elements they may have missed.

A9. How can I check my registration details?

Go to:


Then either log in or register a new account.  Once you have logged in, scroll down the page to “Order history” for information on what you have paid for.

A10. I received a bursary to attend the PCST2020 conference. Is this still viable for registration for the PCST2020+1 conference?

If you already have a confirmed bursary to attend PCST 2020+1 your registration will still be active for the virtual PCST Conference 2020+1.  If you have questions relating to your bursary contact cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk for more information.

A11.  For members of the Scientific Committee

If you had a proposal accepted for inclusion in the PCST2020 conference, you will have received reminders that you need to be registered by 31 January if you wish to present this at PCST2020+1.

However, if you registered as a member of the Scientific Committee (free of charge) for PCST2020, this registration will be transferred to PCST2020+1. So, you do not need to re-register. This applies to all committee members who registered for 2020, whether they submitted a proposal or not. 

If, at the time of registration, you paid a fee for the conference dinner, this fee will be refunded to you in the coming weeks. 


B. Your proposal

B1. Can I submit a new proposal?

No. Calls for proposals are now closed.

B2. What is the deadline for making minor changes to accepted proposals?

Authors can make minor changes until Thursday 25 February 2021 by logging in to your author account. This includes replacing any speakers in Roundtable Discussions or Linked Paper, or making small changes to the wording of your proposal.

Sign in at:  https://conference.pcst.co and click on "Your proposals".

B3. How do I change the primary author/speaker for an accepted proposal?

If you wish to change the primary author of the proposal, please contact: chair@pcst.co           

B4. My accepted proposal has changed significantly since I submitted it due to the delay in the conference. Can I make major revisions to this proposal or submit an alternative proposal?

Please discuss any major changes to accepted proposals with the conference chair (chair@pcst.co) before the 31 January 2021.

B5. I withdrew my accepted before the PCST2020 conference but would now like to participate in the conference. Is this possible?

Yes, contact chair@pcst.co and ask for your proposal to be re-instated.

B6. How do I withdraw a proposal?

If your proposal has been accepted, but you are no longer able to participate, please log into your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/author/signin

 ... then click on the proposal, and on your proposal page, simply click the "Withdraw this proposal" link. Please do this as soon as possible.

B7. How many proposals can I present at PSCT 2020?

Delegates can only speak twice during the conference (excepting for visual presentations or plenary talks).  Any pre-conference workshops don’t count, nor does chairing a session. If you are participating more than twice, you will be asked to choose the top two proposals and withdraw from the others.   

B8. What is happening with proposals to run pre-conference workshops, performances and speakers’ corners? Will these still run in the virtual conference?

The Program Committee is currently discussing this, and we will get back to you before the end of January 2021.

B9. Do I need to provide a full paper of my PCST2020+1 presentation? If so when?

No, this is optional. Your proposal abstract will be included in the PCST archive (https://pcst.co/archive/). Further details about this will be available soon.

B10. Why am I not receiving emails about my proposal?

Emails are sometimes wrongly identified as spam or junk. Before you contact the Chair, check your spam or junk files.  And log in to your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/  for up-to-date information on your proposals.

C. Program

C1. What do I need to know about preparing my presentation (including visual presentations)?

Further instructions on how to prepare presentations will be sent to accepted and registered speakers by early March 2021.

C2. When will I find out what day I am speaking on? 

We will publish a draft program by early March 2021. 

D. Participation in the virtual conference

D1. At what times and in what time zones will sessions be run during the conference?

We will aim to manage the conference program so that live elements are timed to make them available as widely as possible.  In additional, many elements of the conference will be available on demand for a period after the conference.

D2. Will sessions be live or pre-recorded?

The sessions will be a mixture of pre-recorded and live.  We are still working on the program planning and will provide more information once the program is drafted. 

D3. Will you record sessions and make them available for delegates to view in their own time?

Yes, most sessions will be available on demand.

D4. How long will conference sessions be available to delegates?

It is anticipated that most of the sessions will be available for one month beyond the end of the conference for registered delegates.

D5. Are there regional opportunities for face-to-face interactions during the conference?

It is anticipated, that, where COVID-related restrictions allow, groups can come together in a ‘hub’ to allow face to face networking and discussions around the themes and issues raised throughout the conference.  

These hubs will be locally led to ensure relevant rules relating to COVID can be observed.   Information will be available on the conference website in due course.

D6. What opportunities will there be for networking?

Networking sessions will be built into the conference program and it is anticipated that opportunities to informally network will also be facilitated by the conference platform.

D7. Can I record my presentation rather than present live?

Yes, we anticipate that this will be the norm, but we might ask you to be available to answer questions at the appropriate time in the program.  Once we have a program drafted, we should be able to provide more information on how this will work.

E. Post conference

E1. Will there be proceedings available after the conference?

All the proposal abstracts presented at the conference will be added to the PCST archive: https://pcst.co/archive/. You are welcome to also include a full paper of your presentation to this archive. Please read the note to authors: https://pcst.co/archive/authors/notice.

If you don’t wish your abstract to be included in the archive, please contact support@pcst.co.

E2. Will I be able to access conference recordings after the conference?

Yes, if you are a registered delegate, you will be able to access recordings for at least one month beyond the conference.

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