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PCST conference 2020+1 DRAFT program released

17 April 2021

PCST 2020+1 Virtual Conference DRAFT DETAILED PROGRAMME is now available.  This is not a final program and is still subject to change.   For information on registration, keynote speakers and program  


The main programme will run over the week of 24 May 2021, with Visual Presentations running from 27 April - 13 May and Workshops from 17 - 20 May 2021.

The programme incorporates much originally planned for May 2020, but with the addition of plenary talks, panels, and parallel sessions of papers focused on Covid-19 and its science communication aspects.  Sessions will be available live, but will also be available on demand after the event to allow you to attend elements that you would otherwise not have been able to attend.

Keynote speakers include Philip Ball, Emily Dawson, Marta Entradas, Marina Joubert, Matt Nisbet, Andres Roldan and Mike Schafer

Facilities will be provided to enable remote participation in many ways, including live discussion and networking opportunities. 

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