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Location of PCST 2020 conference

25 March 2016

The Committee considered three bids from cities wishin to host the PCST Conference in 2010, at its meeting in Istanbul in April. A preliminary decision has been made, but we are waiting on further details from the successful bidder before confirming the lsuccessful city.

The biennial PCST conference is a global gathering of the world’s leading and emerging science communication researchers and practitioners. Normally 400-600 practitioners and scholars of science communication attend.

Hosting a PCST conference provides an excellent platform for focusing regional attention on public science engagement and boosting local interest and expertise in the field.

The decision about the host of the 2020 conference will be made at the PCST Conference in Istanbul.  Those bidding for the conference will be invited to speak at a meeting of the Scientific Committee, to answer questions about their bid.

See also: Essential information about the bidding process.

The deadline for submitting bids has now closed. Any further bid documents should be sent to:

Recent conferences have been held in:

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