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Even more updates FAQ for Aberdeen

28 February 2020

Here is how you modify proposals, check if you are a financial member of PCST, log in to your author account, apply for bursaries, sort out visas and letters of invitation, look at accommodation options, and know the deadlines. Eighteen questions, eighteen answers.

     Seventeen questions, seventeen answers     

a.  As a speaker, when do I have to register for the conference?

All speakers must register by February 28 to be included in the program. If you have not registered by then, your proposal will not be included in the program. 

This only applies to speakers.  Co-authors only need to register if they want to attend the conference, and they can do this at any time. 

If there are special circumstances that might prevent you from registering by this date, contact the chair of the Program Committee to let her know: chair@pcst.co

b.  What about the early-bird rates?

The early-bird rates ended on 31 January.  But you can still register for the conference:


c.  Am I eligible for a discounted registration rate?

People who are financial members of PCST at the time of the conference are eligible for a discount on registration fees.  

You may be financial now, but if your membership expires before the date of the conference you need to renew it.  

d.  How do I check if I am a financial member of PCST?

Check your membership status by logging into your membership account at https://pcst.co/members

This tells you if you are financial or not.  If you are not financial, a note (with a link) tells you how to renew your membership.  Membership lasts for two years, essentially from one conference to the next.

e.  Pre-conference workshops

Details of the workshops are available at https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/workshops-1246.php.  People can book either as they register, or retrospectively if they have already registered.  If you have already registered and want to add a workshop select category J. Optional Extras (workshops, conference dinner, donations) and the system will match this with your registration.

You will be given an option to select the workshop you wish to attend.

Costs are £20.00 for a half day and £40.00 for a full day.  One or two workshops have been sponsored and are free to delegates – this is shown as you progress through the registration. Some people may have already paid at a higher rate. They will get an automatic refund onto the card they paid with or via PayPal.

f.  What does the conference registration fee include?

The registration fee includes attendance at the conference, the welcome reception, access to the conference proceedings (either printed or online), access to the conference app, refreshments and lunches throughout the conference.  There are some additional workshops and the conference dinner that are optional extras.

g.  How do I know if I am registered?

Go to:


Click on “My account” and either log in or register a new account.  Once you have logged in, scroll down the page to “Order history” for information on what you have paid for.

h.  How do I get a letter of invitation for visa purposes, or a letter of invitation, or an official receipt?

If you require a letter of invitation for visa purposes, this will be issued by the local organising committee after you have registered and paid for the conference. Please contact  cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk and include any specific requirements.

Some institutions require a letter of invitation from the conference organisers before they can attend.  If you need this before you can register, contact  cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk and include any specific requirements.

If you need a receipt or an invoice for the registration fee, please contact cpdservices@abdn.ac.uk and include any specific requirements.

i.  What do I need to know about preparing my presentation (including visual presentations)?

Further instructions on how to prepare presentations will be sent to accepted and registered speakers by mid-March.

j.  What is the deadline for making minor changes to accepted proposals?

Authors can make minor changes until Thursday 26 March 2020 by logging in to your author account. This includes replacing any speakers in Roundtable Discussions or Linked Paper, or making small changes to the wording of your proposal.

Sign in at:  https://conference.pcst.co and click on "Your proposals".

k.  How do I change the primary author/speaker for an accepted proposal?

If you wish to change the primary author of the proposal, please contact chair@pcst.co

l.  How many times can I present at PSCT 2020?

Delegates can only speak twice during the conference (excepting for visual presentations or plenary talks or if you are in a play.  Pre-conference workshops don’t count, nor does chairing a session). If you are participating more than twice, you will be asked to choose the top two proposals and withdraw from the others.   

m.  When will I find out what day I am speaking on? 

You could be allocated to speak on any day.  Speakers should plan to attend the entire conference. Do not ask to speak on a particular day or time as this makes planning the program very difficult.

A preliminary notification of allocated times will be given in early March.

n.  How do I withdraw a proposal?

If your proposal has been accepted, but you are no longer able to attend, please log into your author account at:      https://conference.pcst.co

 ... then click on the proposal, and on your proposal page, simply click the "Withdraw this proposal" link.

o.  What is the deadline for applications for bursaries?

Applications have closed (31 January). Decisions were communicated in late February.

p.  Where can I find information about accommodation?

Check the web site: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/accommodation-561.php

q. Why am I not receiving emails about my proposal?

Emails are sometimes wrongly identified as spam or junk. Before you contact the Program Committee, check your spam or junk files.  And log in to your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/  for up-to-date information on your proposals.










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