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Updated FAQ for speakers at Aberdeen

9 January 2020

Here is how you modify proposals, check if you are a financial member of PCST, log in to your author account, apply for bursaries, sort out visas and letters of invitation, look at accommodation options, and know the deadlines. Sixteen questions, sixteen answers.

     Sixteen questions, sixteen answers     

  1. Why am I not receiving emails from PCST?

Check your email spam and junk files.

And log in to your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/ for up-to-date information on your proposals.

       b.  How do I know if my proposal has been accepted, needs to be modified or rejected?

All authors were sent an email in mid-December to advise whether your proposal had been accepted, or if it needed to be modified or if it was rejected. This email had details of what needed to be done and the deadlines for action. 

If you did not receive this email check your spam or junk mails, or log in to your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/ for up-to-date information on your proposals.

       c.  I have modified my proposal but has this been accepted?

The PCST2020 Program Committee Chair, Jenni Metcalfe, will notify you if your revised proposal is accepted by Monday 20 January (please check junk and spam folders).  This information will also be in your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/

       d.   How do I modify my proposal?

To make changes, log in to your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/. Click on the title of the proposal and when it comes up, click on ‘Edit this proposal’.  Click ‘save’ when you have finished.

All authors were sent an email in mid-December with comments and suggestions from the reviewers.  Read this carefully so you understand how you should change your proposal.

You will NOT receive a notification that your changes have been received.  The Program Committee Chair, Jenni Metcalfe, will notify you if your revised proposal is accepted by Monday 20 January.

If English is your second language, it is a good idea to ask a native English speaker to review.

  1. What do I need to do to make sure that I am included in the program?

All authors and speakers must register by January 31 to be in the program. If you have not registered by then, your proposal will be dropped. 

Information on registration rates are at https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/registration-565.php

The registration fee includes attendance at the conference including the welcome reception, access to the conference proceedings (either printed or online), access to the conference app, refreshments and lunch throughout the conference.  There are some additional workshops and the conference dinner that are optional extras.

      f.  How do I get a letter of invitation for visa purposes, or a letter of invitation?

If you require a letter of invitation for visa purposes, this will be issued by the local organising committee after you have registered and paid for the conference. Please contact Nicola Pearce directly about visa issues: n.pearce@abdn.ac.uk

Some institutions require a letter of invitation from the conference organisers before they can attend.  If you need this before you can register, contact Nicola Pearce: n.pearce@abdn.ac.uk

      g.  Am I eligible for a discounted registration rate?

People who are financial members of PCST at the time of the conference are eligible for a substantial discount on registration fees.

h.  How do I check if I am a financial member of PCST?

Check your membership status by logging into your membership account at https://pcst.co/members

This tells you the status of your account, if you are financial or not).  If you are not financial, a note (with a link) tells you how to renew your membership.

       i.  What do I need to know about preparing my presentation (including visual presentations)?

Further instructions on how to prepare presentations will be sent to accepted and registered speakers in February.

       j.  When is the deadline for making minor changes to accepted proposals?

Authors can make minor changes until Thursday 26 March 2020 by logging in to their author accounts. This includes replacing any speakers in Roundtable Discussions or Linked Paper, or making small changes to the wording of your proposal.

      k.  How many times can I present at PSCT 2020?

Delegates can only speak twice during the conference (excepting for visual presentations or plenary talks or if you are in a play.  Pre-conference workshops don’t count either). If you are participating more than twice, you will be asked to choose the top two proposals and withdraw from the others.   

       l.  How do I change the primary author/speaker for an accepted proposal?

If you wish to change the primary author of the proposal, please contact chair@pcst.co

m.  Do I need to attend the whole conference?

You may be allocated to speak on any day, and speakers should plan to attend the entire conference. Do not ask to speak on a particular day or time as this makes planning the program very difficult.

A preliminary notification of allocated times will be given in early March.

      n.  How do I withdraw a proposal?

If you wish to withdraw your proposal, please log in to your author account at: https://conference.pcst.co/ and withdraw your proposal as soon as possible.

      p.  What is the deadline for Bursaries?

Priority for financial support will be given to those with an accepted abstract to present at PCST 2020 and Early Stage Researchers.  The deadline for applications is 31 January 2020 and decisions will be communicated in early February.

To apply you will need to provide some basic information, outline your interest in the PCST Network and the benefits to you of attending the PCST 2020 Conference.  You will also need to send a letter of support from your tutor, line manager or supervisor. 


 Where can I find information about accommodation?

You can find information about accommodation at https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/pcst/accommodation-561.php

























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