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Forward to PCST2020+1

22 June 2020

PCST Network is actively working towards a rescheduled conference - PCST 2020+1.

PCST Network is actively working towards a rescheduled conference, labelled PCST 2020+1. This will take place in Aberdeen, Scotland, on 25–27 May 2021. 

We aim to have this conference match as closely as possible the event planned for May 2020. However, there are continuing concerns about the implications of the coronavirus pandemic and we have to consider various options for the conference structure and formats.
We will shortly issue a call for proposals that address the science communication dimensions of the pandemic. One plenary session and several parallel sessions will be concentrated on this topic.
The proposals already approved for the conference remain in place but presenters will have the opportunity to update or withdraw these, taking account of the 12-month delay in staging the conference. The invitations to plenary speakers also remain valid and we hope to confirm soon that all these speakers are still available.
Given the uncertainties around what will and will not be possible we are aiming to build flexibility into the conference arrangements.  We are looking at options to deliver some of the event virtually.  This might mean that elements are pre-recorded and/or streamed.
We hope that most of those who registered for the 2020 conference will attend the 2020+1 event in person, and that others will now also want to take part. However, we recognise that travel may be restricted or difficult for some, and we aim to make it possible for presenters and other participants to take part remotely.

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