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PCST Network Privacy Policy

Published on 20 July 2017

Your trust is important to us, and we take privacy and security very seriously. We will never share your information with parties outside the PCST Network, unless we have explicitly made you aware that we will before you give it to us. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or our use of data, please get in touch with us at admin [at] pcst.co.

The restrictions described here on the dissemination of personal information are not subject to change. This policy is updated occasionally but the changes will not reduce the privacy protection of visitors. If there are changes made in the future, the changes will not affect information already collected.

We maintain strict internal policies against unauthorized disclosure or use of customer information.


PCST Network uses Google Analytics to track use of the website. We also keep server log files which record the pages on the PCST website were visited and when; from where and the type of browser you used.

Member information

All information related to financial transactions and member logins is handled through a secure connection.

PCST Network does not handle credit card numbers. All credit card processing is done through PayPal.

Contact information is requested at the time of a membership sign-up ...

Member lists are not sold or distributed to third parties.