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Hosting a symposium

Interested in hosting a PCST symposium?

Submitting a bid to host a PCST symposium

Bids to host a PCST symposium will normally be considered at meetings of the Scientific Committee during conferences.

Bid documents should be sent to the PCST secretary 5 weeks before this meeting. All groups making a bid will be invited to appear at this meeting, to describe their bid and answer questions. There is no set format for the bid documentation, but the rules for conference bids is a handy guide. It is possible to have more than one symposium in a calendar year.

Responsibilities of local organising committee and Scientific Committee

Responsibilities of the host country and the PCST Scientific Committee are similar to the responsibilities outlined for conferences.

Because symposiums are expected to be smaller and simpler events, arrangements can be more flexible. The Scientific Committee will appoint a small team of its members to work with the local organising committee on the organisation of the event.


The first symposium was held in Beijing, China in 2005. It was the first PCST Network event in Asia, and explored strategic issues in science communication. Fifty invited international guests and 100 Chinese nationals participated and their discussions are recorded in the book At the Human Scale in Chinese and English.

The second symposium was in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2013. The theme was Natural Disasters: Public Communication and Engagement and the papers of local and international speakers are published on the SCANZ website.

The third symposium was in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013. The theme was Developing S&T Culture to Create Green Quality of Life. Local and international speakers gave presentations on the sustainable development path Indonesia is following and working towards.