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Social inclusion and science communication

Thursday 30 July 2020

Social inclusion is a topic is taken from the program for the PCST conference originally planned for May 2020, and which is now taking place in May 2021. The heightened awareness and intensified discussions arising the differential effects and communication about COVID-19 has made this topic timely and even more relevant. The webinar is intended to stimulate ideas that can be explored further at PCST2020+1.

Chair of the PCST2020+1 Program Committee, Jenni Metcalfe chairs this discussion.



There will be brief responses to Emily's presentation, and introduction of new aspects of the overall theme from:



PCST Secretary, Michelle Riedlinger hosted the Webinar.

The Chat discussion from the Webinar is available.

Please note: due to poor connectivity with Colombia, the sound between 20-26 minutes is not good. Our apologies.