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Science Communication in the Arab World

31 January 2022 at 17:00 GMT

This public PCST webinar will discuss opportunities and challenges in science communication in the Arab world. The panelists will talk about opportunities for training and professional development and jobs, and networks for science media and communication.

This webinar will be in English and simultaneous Arabic translation will be provided. It´s promoted for the PCST Network and the Arab Forum of Science Media and Communication (AFSMC).

The event is open to everyone.

• Mohamed Elsonbaty Ramadan, Egypt. Freelance Science Journalist and Science Communication Consultant and Trainer - Co-founder of Arab Forum of Science Media and Communication
• Abdulaziz Alhegelan, Saudi Arabia. President of North Africa and Middle East Science Centers Network (NAMES).
• Rana Dajani, Jordan. Professor of Molecular Biology and President of the society for advancement of science and technology in the Arab world (SASTA).
• Bothina Osama, Egypt. Middle East and North Africa Regional Coordinator at SciDev.Net. Founding member of the Arab Science Journalists Association

Toss Gascoigne

An Inclusive History of Science Communication

26 October 2021 at 12:00 GMT

Please join us for a reflection on eventful times, pertinent events and influential people that shaped the relationship between science and society in countries and cultures around the world. Using a new ‘Lifeology’ flashcard course as an example, the participants will discuss the importance of reflecting on science communication history from an inclusive perspective.

Tuesday 26 October 2021
12:00 GMT (or 1pm British Summer Time)

This webinar will reflect on a new Lifeology flashcard course focused on an inclusive history of science communication (see https://app.us.lifeology.io/viewer/lifeology/scicomm/a-brief-history-of-science-communication). In this course, the audience joins four teenagers who are visiting a museum display on the history of scientific controversies. From there, they go on a colourful virtual journey, revisiting eventful times, pertinent events, and influential people that shaped the relationship between science and society in countries and cultures around the world. The webinar will reflect on the topic of the course, as well as the process of creating such a course.

Panel members:
Paige Jarreau, co-founder of Lifeology, USA
Siddharth Kankaria, science engagement professional, India
Argha Manna, illustrator and amateur science historian, India
Bruce Lewenstein, science historian, USA
Marina Joubert, science communication researcher, South Africa

Teaching Science Communication in Pandemic Times

9 September 2021 at 11:30 GMT

PCST Network invites everyone, members and non-members to an online webinar on teaching science communication in pandemic times.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged all sectors of society. Also, science communication teaching was badly affected. Social interactions had to be “reinvented”. We had to switch to remote teaching. We had to familiarize ourselves in no time at all with new technology and digital tools.

This will take place at 12:30 BST (British Summer Time) on Thursday 9th, September. (This is 11.30am GMT/UTC)

We invite comments and questions that concern teaching science communication in different contexts.

The speakers will be:
Liesbeth de Bakker (The Netherlands)
Dominique Brossard (The United States of America)
Janice Limson (South Africa)
Vanessa Guimarães (Brazil)

Ana Claudia Nepote (Mexico), moderator.

PRODUCER: Luisa Massarani (Brazil)